Season 3 Finale – Thursday, April 30th!

This week:

OUR SEASON 3 FINALE AND 40TH EPISODE!!! “Dear Ellie,” Part 5 – Over Kamal’s objections, Elle takes her most annoying personality trait to the masses.

“Dear Ellie,” Part 4 – Elle promises Kamal she’ll start minding her own business -and then the world’s most dysfunctional couple walks into her living room.

“Dear Ellie,” Part 3 – To her husband’s horror, Catholic Elle wants to help her Muslim in-laws with their love lives.

“Dear Ellie,” Part 2 – As disappointed as Elle is in her brother’s lack of basketball skills, it’s her husband’s lack of poker skills that will do real damage. No worries, though. Elle’s always ready to help.

“Dear Ellie,” Part 1 – Elle’s been bored, so she does what any normal person would do: use a Catholic priest and basketball to meddle in her brother’s love life.



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Additional Credits:

Casting by Lindsay Levesque-Alam, Corwin Neuse, Gerrard Lobo

Stylist to Ms. Levesque-Alam: Baris Keskin

Mr. Keskin assisted by Hakan Askin

Many of Ms. Levesque-Alam’s accessories designed by Olga Gariepy at For Love of Jewels

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