Cast and Crew Bios

Lindsay Levesque-Alam

After a happy childhood in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Lindsay Levesque-Alam (“Elle”) moved to New York, NY, to study Dramatic Writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Her senior year, she was awarded the Waldo Salt Undergraduate Screenwriting Award for her full-length screenplay, After the Bombs, Before the War (previously titled Military Spending).  It’s a political thriller.  Clearly, things have taken a turn since then.

Upon graduating, Lindsay stayed in New York to write, act, and tell people she was planning to visit more museums.  Today, when she’s not working on Love Kabob, Lindsay likes to answer phones to earn money for food, shelter, red dresses, and to fund what might possibly be the best craft services table anyone ever assembled on a receptionist’s budget.  Pretzel M&Ms, anyone?

A big fan of going to church, Lindsay can be seen every Sunday worshiping God at Manhattan and Astoria’s finest Roman Catholic establishments.  She does her best to work in prayers for her loved ones, world peace, the New England Patriots, and an end to that fungus that’s killing all the good banana trees.  Ugh, and also that big island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean.  She definitely hopes God has a plan for that.

Lindsay also heads multiple Sims households, of varying functionality, as well as an entire Sims medieval kingdom that is currently occupied by pirates.  How does she find the time?

You can check out more of Lindsay’s work on her Vimeo page:
You can follow her on Twitter, too: @LindsayLAlam

Photo: Dan Demetriad

Gerrard Lobo

Gerrard Lobo (“Kamal”) is a New York based actor and model and began his acting training with JoAnna Beckson at JoAnna Beckson Studios in NYC, where he studied the Meisner Technique. He attended Villanova University where he studied Philosophy as well as English and Spanish Literature. After college, he modeled with FORD Models for about five years before leaving the industry to pursue a career in investor relations. He worked as an investor relations executive for publicly listed companies before returning to acting and modeling. Gerrard currently trains with acting coach Anthony Abeson at The Producers Club in NYC.

In his free time, Gerrard loves hanging out with his friends and fellow actors, discussing everything that’s great and wrong with the world (over a few rounds of drinks of course). Eavesdroppers have noted that the ground work for world peace and cures for many malignant diseases have been discovered during these conversations, however, no one ever writes them down or remembers them the next day. Gerrard also enjoys spending a lot of time with his family in small doses. A voracious reader and avid writer, Gerrard has some great ideas for five books that he hasn’t begun writing yet.

Aside from Love Kabob, Gerrard is currently working on his confidence.

Risa Binder

Risa Binder (“Jamie”) is thrilled to be a part of the Love Kabob cast!   Along with playing Elle’s best friend, Risa is currently touring the US with her debut album “Paper Heart” listen to the album here  Her songs can be heard on several TV shows including Cougartown, General Hospital, and The Lifetime Channel and her song “Could Be Love” is the theme song to Love Kabob.  For all things Risa check out

Matthew Rini 

Matthew Rini (“Alex”) is thrilled to be a part of Love Kabob and working with such a great cast & crew. Prior credits include shows for Animal Planet, Discovery ID and OWN; many independent films, and a significant chunk of what’s been written by Shakespeare.

Daniel Blatman 

Daniel Blatman (“Matt”) is an actor, adventurer, and a health nut.  Recent credits include the film Samuel’s Game and “Black Comedy”.

Justin Morales

Justin Morales (Video & Editing) is a fairly typical young New Yorker, but he likes to think of himself as “mysterious,” so he wouldn’t offer up any personal information for this website. Lindsay had to write this bio for him, so here goes:

Justin buys fancy coffee and meats and fancies himself a “filmmaker.”  The only real difference between Justin and the other folks wearing skinny jeans in line for the gourmet cupcake foodtruck is that he actually does make films.  He’s very good at it too!  You should check him out here (   And you haven’t lived until he’s made you dinner at the elegantly decorated apartment he shares with his lovely – and also talented – wife, Corinne.  An agnostic, Justin has a talent for combining foods that God would prefer you keep separate.  He puts grape jelly and mayonnaise on Saltine crackers!  He assures us that it is a delectable abomination.

Something else Justin is good at is watching basketball.  He always knows if the Knicks are playing tonight and at what time.  That’s right – like a boss.  I bet Spike Lee has to have his assistant look it up.

As a fun scientific experiment (Justin loves science!), he likes to encourage Lindsay to do new, challenging things, like directing/producing her own web series and drinking whisky.  She would be completely incapable of pulling off even one frame of Love Kabob without his constant help and assurance that he’s really not helping as much as they both know he is.

While completely bourgeois, he has asked to be referred to as a “NuYorican Yupster.”  That seems to mean he likes rice, beans, and avocado with his pork chops but doesn’t speak any Spanish.  Or maybe it’s because he makes an amazing coquito – and doesn’t speak Spanish  (Fun fact, both South Asian Gerrard and white-white Lindsay speak fluent Spanish).

In addition to continuing his work on Love Kabob, Justin has included writing, directing, and producing more films, comedy sketches, and music videos in his two-year plan.  He has included visiting space in his five-year plan and developing an addiction to heroin in his ten-year plan.


Jyoti Singh 

Jyoti Singh (“Khadija”) was born in India. She came to the US in her early years.  After moving to NY, she converted her long-held interest in acting into a career.  Her exposure to acting had started very early in life. Starting
in nursery school, through the 4th grade in India, and then in college in the US, Jyoti participated in every skit, play, and talent show she could.  On the other hand, her family always encouraged her to pursue a humanitarian or service oriented career, given the practical uncertainties of an actor’s life. Her heart leaned towards nursing, in which she completed a Bachelor’s degree before coming to New York.

Her training as an actor comes from studios such as Scott Powers, Jagger Kaye, HB Studios & New York Film Academy. She took a summer course with Professor Roshan Tenaja and Tom Alter, both of whom are highly respected veterans of Bollywood. This experience boosted her confidence to act, especially when Professer Taneja, at the end of the course, proclaimed that she was a good actor and encouraged her to work directly in the field. In 2009, she left her job and aggressively started to pursue acting as her

In addition to her role as Kamal’s mother on Love Kabob, Jyoti has appeared in “Life Camera Action,” which won several award nominations. She’s also acted in the film “Walkaway” and a play called “Bollywood Wedding.”  Her most recent lead role was in the film, “9 Eleven,” which won a Rising Star award and Best Feature at “The Peoples Film Festival.”  She was also nominated for Best Actress in “World Music Independent Film Festival.”

She now feels prepared to play any kind of role, aged 25 to 85. She believes as a rising actor, one should be willing to go out on a limb. To her, acting is a passion. In regards to her humanitarian work, she co-founded a nonprofit organization with her sister four years ago. She is a philanthropist and has spent a lot of time in India, examining educational and human rights projects. She has spent time in widow centers,
human rights education summer camps, and a center specifically dedicated for rape and torture victims in India. She also raised funds and organized a blanket drive for the homeless in NY. Her most recent project was to get sponsorship and funding for farmer suicide victims in India, and is herself supporting a child yearly.

Jyoti feels joy in having made headway in the two main goals of her life: philanthropy and acting. Her hobbies are singing, yoga, and cooking. She believes one should be humble and grateful for what you have. She takes life as it comes to her.

John Carlton 

John Carlton (Hank) feels that all those years of intense effort paid off…he kept himself alive so he could be around when Love Kabob came along.  During that time he played Boris in Can-CAN at the New London Barn, Wes in Footloose at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre and Otto Frank in the first production of American Family Theatre’s national tour of Anne Frank: A Voice Heard.  Other roles have included Max in Lend Me A Tenor, Kolenkhov in You Can’t Take it With You, Durdles in The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, Harry in Company and Nicely-Nicely in Guys And Dolls.  John also spent a few years as a DJ on upstate New York radio stations, and would like to apologize to humanity for the laser beams that will one day be aimed at Earth, once the outer space aliens pick up some of his broadcasts that are slowly making their way through the galaxy.

Debbie Troché

Debbie Troché is happy to be a part of the cast of Love Kabob. She has been a part of the cast of the award-winning docudrama Charlie Victor Romeo since 2003. The stage production has recently been filmed in Stereoscopic 3D by the Japanese production company NHK and will be released sometime in 2013. Debbie is also one-half of the creative team of Baus and Troche and is close to production on a new one-woman show. She has recently embarked on a new screenwriting partnership with acclaimed storyboard artist and director Karl Shefelman. She is still recognized on the streets of the West Village for her role in the indie film, Trick.


Katie Murphy 

Katie Murphy (“Skyler”)- recent NY theatre credits include The Raven (Sarah Royster) with Emerging Artists Theatre Co, Transplant (Jeanine) with The Curious Frog Theatre Co, and The Talkback (Woman) as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.  Katie has worked regionally with The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival, Theatre on the Hill, and Granbury Opera House, among others.  She can also be seen at various venues around the city performing her cabaret act “His & Her Beatles”.  BFA Adelphi University.

Jeffrey Green 

Jeffrey Green (“Father Bobby”) was born in Dearborn, Michigan. He moved to Clarkston, Michigan at the age of 1 where he was raised. His father, Rondal Green, is a retired Factory Lineman for Ford Motor Company and his mother, Catherine Green, also retired, was a Customer Service Phone Operator for Ameritech, now merged with AT&T. He has an older brother.

Jeff got his first taste of acting in small plays at Andersonville Elementary School. In his Junior and Senior year at Clarkston High School, he got back into acting being cast in a number of Theater Plays, most notable among them Oklahoma and How to Succeed in Business. After High School, Jeff  leaned back and forth between Theater and Film Acting, and upon attending an audition with a friend of his at MPI (Motion Picture Institute) he was cast for a number of roles while getting “In front of Camera” experience. Theater still on his mind, he then attended Oakland University to pursue a Major in Theater Arts. He quit after a year and switched his focus fully toward obtaining an Education in Film Acting. He then attended the 2-year program at The School for Film and Television and also quit after a year to take a different approach.

Since then he’s traveled around the world perfecting his craft, appeared in plays, a commercial and short films, until taking the role of Police Officer 3 in the independent film A Dangerous Place. This was his first film credit. Studying with Acting Coach, Adam Hill, Jeff is still sharpening his Acting, Directing and Cinematography skills. Jeff, a perfectionist at heart, with a deep passion for Acting, is constantly evolving in his craft and is a major talent to keep an eye on.

Ashley Rebecca King Headshot Love Kabob

Ashley Rebecca King

Ashley Rebecca King (“Sally”) is an actor, writer, musician and comic book enthusiast. She also loves being a part of the Love Kabob team! Ashley has performed in many strange and exotic places in NYC and around the USA, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the McKeesport Little Theater in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Her musical “Pigeons…” was a finalist in the “Scene It, New York” competition at the Jerry Orbach Theater, and she performs regularly with her writing partner, Greg von Portz, in a comedy show called “Moon Pools” about their fake cover band. For more news about Ashley and her other projects, please visit her website and feel free to follow her on twitter @ashtsplash (where she will mostly talk about comic book stuff).


Pillai_Sajeev_591 (1)


Sajeev Pillai

Sajeev (“Aamir”) is a Brooklyn born and based actor, bred half a world away in India. A french fry addict, he started his explorations with acting in the late summer of 2002 in Texas. His first roles included that of a tree in Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits at  Northlake Community College. His inability to keep still eventually caught on with directors who allowed him to explore more ‘moving’ roles including: Lakshmi in ‘The Quiet Room’ (2011), Hermes in Occupy Oympus (NY Intl Theatre Fringe Festival), Court Secretary Zhao in The Chalk Circle (Yangtze Rep Theatre), Host of the Garter Inn in The Merry Wives of Windsor (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot) and Lysander in A Midsummer Nights Dream (Queens Shakespeare). Sajeev has been trained primarily at Circle in the Sqaure Theatre School, under the tutelage of Mr Alan Langdon, and at HB Studios. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, a major that perhaps couldn’t be any further away from the the world of theatre! 


alex head shot


Alejandro Pagán

Alejandro Pagán (“Father Bobby II”) is a Bronx born actor, with a burning desire to perfect his art. After years of theater training and and off broadway debut in ’09, he is currently trying to leave his mark in the film industry. With roles in “Blue Bloods,” “A Gifted Man,” and “How to Make it in America.” Continue to follow his work, as there are no limits to his craft.




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